About  Us

What is Hidkal Service Resources and who is behind it.

Long story short

HIDKAL SERVICE RESOURCES is a sole possession which was registered on April 7, 2016 under 1956 Business Registration Act.

HIDKAL main business is providing consultation on renovation and construction for any physical building owned by private corporate, government and individual.

We believe that with a strong and committed team we can provide and deliver the best services under ‘Golden Rule’ principle.

Registration of Companies Commission of Malaysia

G1 CIDB Licensed Contractor & PKK

Our Mission

The company committed to be believed in the services provided.

Our Vision

Produce and provide the best services to meet customer’s satisfaction.

We have all the right tools, let us Help You

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Our Top Guys

These three guys are the catalysts of the company’s direction

M. Hidir

M. Hykal
Head of Operation

M. Nizar
Site Supervisor

Hidkal Service Resources (002530273-H)